29 Flashy Womens Jewelry Accessories

29+ Flashy Women’s Jewelry & Accessories

How to choose the right jewelry for the dress?

Drop earrings

All over the world, ear cuffs or ear cuffs are currently the most important part of jewelry boxes. If you choose jewelry for everyday use, you can choose ear cuffs with a simpler motif, while you can choose ear cuffs with stones, especially for graduation parties or engagements, special wedding-style nights. This jewelry creates a very trendy Look.

Hair accessories

Until a certain time, hair ornaments were only hairpins. Just like a necklace, however, there are various hair ornaments made of silver, Gold or flowers.

Choose contrasting colors when using these hair accessories. Try using Bronze with the black and white Duo, or combine silver accessories with bright colors like yellow and green.

Bracelets and bangles

You should be particularly careful when combining watches and bracelets. The first important rule is that the style of your watch and the style of the bracelets you use should be identical. The colors can be different, of course, but the style must be the same.
It is very popular to use thin bracelets in different colors together.

When you use all together, you get a complete and crowded bracelet image and can keep up with colors with spring and summer. You can use these colorful bracelets easily with monochrome dresses.


The most striking jewelry trend lately are the Rings. Mixing the rings on your fingers when choosing jewelry is also a must in this Trend. Especially with large and conspicuous and small joint rings. When using the Rings together, you should pay attention to the same metal or color.

For example, if you choose jewelry where many rings are used together, you can use skinny jeans or an oversized top with black tight pants.


A necklace can change your Outfit from head to toe and bring it to another point. Combine a casual Shabby style with a veil or blouse with an eye-catching and eye-catching necklace. You will not regret it.

For V-cutouts, you can use long, thin necklaces.
You can use white collared shirts and large and eye-catching necklaces.

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