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29 Trending Teen Fashions

Summer trends 2020 are bolder than ever this season. From Mini Shorts to bed to street, sex appeal to High Designs …
We have compiled the Highlights of the summer season 2020.

Tropical storm

While the world wants to raise awareness of climate change, designers are not spending this season empty handed. The collections, which relate to the beauty of wild nature. offer the season a wide and colorful range of products from tropical leaves to exotic flowers to ready-to-wear items and accessories.

Directly from the bed to the street

For the upcoming season, the designers who focus on sex appeal are determined to take off their underwear. When the trend journey that began with the discovery of the street of Slip dresses, underwear, bras and corsets were added. The entire Team is together on the Transfer from the bed to the street.

Short story

The constant development of trousers, from paper bags to the waist to Spanish legs, is a long story. The best thing is that in the summer season 2020 you can take a break. Get help from generally accepted Shorts.

Make room in your wardrobe for shorts that offer plenty of space so you can run and run as you like.


Handiwork is in demand in the summer season 2020 as last summer. Designs decorated with summery fabrics such as tiles and linen, with lavish lace, will travel with you from the coast to nocturnal invitations to many places.

The Hellenistic Order

The Designs, which randomly envelop the body and remind of the Hellenistic silhouettes, show a modern Look despite their irregular posture.

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