Sweet Fashion Models and The Tricks Of Getting Beautiful In The Photo

Sweet Fashion Models and The Tricks Of Getting Beautiful In The Photo


  • You make the photo at noon

Avoid shooting at noon. In the photos taken at these hours, her eyes look purple and her face looks like a soul. Choose the time frame that best photographs you. So they look more lively and young.

  • Cover your mistakes when you Capture a photo

If you have acne spots and pimples on your face, use this Concealer to eliminate these problems. Use a light lipstick on your lips and draw a pencil on your eyes. Be sure to avoid excessive Make-up.

  • Pay attention to the angle of the shot of the photos

The photos taken above your height make you look longer and weaker, while the photos taken directly at an angle or below make you look fat and short. Do not look directly into the lens. If you look at it from this point of view, you may feel like a robot, which makes no sense. So look slightly to the side.

  • When you are Shooting on the selection of clothing

Be careful when choosing your clothes. Remember that your other light source has the color of the clothes you wear after the sun. When you do this, choose vivid colors. If you have very light skin, you should avoid bright colors. The clothes you wear and the accessories you wear have an excellent effect on your beautiful appearance.

  • Take care when Shooting the photos on the site

The choice of location is also very important. Where the Green is abundant and the colors are together, the photos become more beautiful. The energy of the place is very important for you to be beautiful in the photos.

  • When you are Shooting on the beauty

Yes, the beauty factor is important, but if they are beautiful, they may not look beautiful in the photos. Sometimes we see someone who is very beautiful and does not look good in photos. This is due to the reasons mentioned above, i.e. someone who does not know how to take a photo or Pose.

  • When you are Shooting on the rear Fund

If you choose a White place as your background, it is inevitable that Smartphones will make you look great. As a result, the settings are automatically concentrated and your color becomes extremely natural and aesthetic. Stay away from pink and yellow backgrounds!

  • When you are Shooting on the language

Be sure to try it out in front of a mirror. Put your tongue behind your front upper teeth and smile. You see how recovered your face and how attractive you are.

  • When you are Shooting on the eyes

If you drop a few drops of water or lens solution into your eyes before photographing, you will have both a more vivid eye and a radiantly luminous eye shape.

  • When you are Shooting on the Tickling

If you have a little tickle, remember that it can look like an oil mass in the pictures. So try to take the photos from above.

  • Note the Rouge distribution

Make sure your blush is completely spread over your cheeks, unless you want to look double-cheeked in pictures!

  • Mascara apply plenty of

Make sure you apply plenty of Mascara. Even if you can, you can wear false eyelashes. It makes your eyes look attractive and your face looks beautiful.

  • You use the same color primer as your skin

Be sure to use a primer that matches your skin color. Especially with night shots with flash you can go out like a ghoul. To prevent this, always use a primer that is the same color as your skin.

  • Look to the light

Look at the light 5 seconds before taking a photo. This will revive your pupils and you can not go out with red eyes.

  • Set the shadow fountain

Avoid intensive light filtering, especially from above. The upper part of your hair glows in the photos you take this way, but your face remains in the shade.

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