Choose The Right One For You Among 49 Exclusive Hairstyles and Colors

Choose The Right One For You Among 49 Exclusive Hairstyles and Colors

Permanent Perm Hairstyle

Perma is a French word that comes from the word Permanant. Permanent wave changes in hair made with permanent products are called permanent. Permanent Liquid softens and breaks flat-shaped sulfur bonds in the hair, allowing it to take the shape of the curler. The fixing liquid crosses the broken sulphur bonds crosswise and gives the shaft a permanent feature in the form of the curler. With the help of Bugidi the wave given to the hair.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Long hair tied together from anywhere in the head, similar to the ponytail with a rubber.

Bob Haircut Model

It refers to short haircuts that end in a blunt line. Typically, a bob cut between earlobe and chin length is shorter. It is a classic style (from the 1920s) with many variations. Bob’s hair can be angled in any direction and either include bangs or not. Its characteristic feature is the clear, clear line at the tips of the hair.

Afro Hairstyle

Many and tight curls are also a great round hairstyle.

Beehive Hairstyle

A hairstyle is upright and a high round shape is named after the top of the hair, which resembles a hive. Especially popular in the 1960s

Asymmetrical cut hairstyle

Haircut where the hair is longer on one side

Bayage Hairstyle

It is a term used in hair coloring. The coloring technique was used to open the dark hair at the root to the ends. To soften the hair color, it is combined with different colors. Ombre and Somre is a “Balye” application.

Pony (Pony) Hairstyle

It is usually cut on or above the eyebrows. It is called curled hair, which is shaped with hair gel, Mousse or wax, wiped to one side or the other or cut longer to fall on the eyes.

Beachy Beach Hairstyle

Many women are interested in beach hair while they make holiday plans from the summer. These are very beautiful and natural hairstyles. There are many variations.

Bundle Of Hair Bundle

It is a hairstyle that arises by dividing the hair into two parts and attaching it with a rubber or with hair bundles (bundles). This model, which looks sweet and sweet, is often worn by children. School hair can also be called.

Chignon Hairstyle

This model is usually obtained by tying the hair at the neck edge or behind the head. However, there are many different variations of the style. These are often combined with hair clips and accessories. Chignon hairstyle is often worn on special occasions such as weddings and formal dances, but plain Chignon is also a practical solution for casual wear.

Devilock Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the front is a long-held hairstyle that extends over the nose. The edges and back of the hair are kept short.

Dreadlocks Rasta Hairstyle

We can say that it is one of the oldest known hairstyles. Rastas first depictions date back 3600 years. This hairstyle was found in the ancient Greek sculptures in the Archaic period. It is a hairstyle that you see in almost all African women who are knitted with needles and derivatives. Hair knitted with colored hair attachments are the Rasta models of the new Generation.

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